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Auto industrial painting coating filter bag-NMO filter bag

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tempo de atualização : 2017-06-30 11:03:53

Applications: auto industrial spraying painting, coating

Suitable filter bags: SIIC-BNMO25, SIIC-BNMO 50, SIIC-BNMO70, SIIC-BNMO100

25 micron, 50micron, 70 micron, 100 micron NMO monofilament nylon mesh filter bags.

The bag size: diameter 4”, length 15”.

Bag structure: stitched bag with drawstring top.

There shall be a little difference in different auto industrial painting companies’ cases, you can choose the most suitable one according to your exact condition.

Other micron and size of auto painting filter bags are available.

As one professional painting filter bag manufacturer, Shanghai INDRO offers a widely range of auto industrial painting/coating filter bags.