Parameters of filter bag cages /filter bag cages prices

Parameters of filter bag cages /filter bag cages prices

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As one professional dust collector filter bag cages manufacturer, Shanghai Indro Industry Co., Ltd is very glad to share with you about main parameters of filter bag cages as followings:

1. material of cage: carbon steel or SS304,316,316L

2. type of cage: any style

3. type of the horizontal bar: round ring or star or envelop or oval 

4. surface treatment: zinc-galvanization or silicon coating or epoxy

5. style of connection: clamp, chuck, claw join connection

6. Nos of wires: 8,10,12,16,20,24 

7. The diameter of the longitudinal wire can be Φ3mm, Φ3.2mm, Φ3.5mm, Φ3.8mm or Φ4mm.


Above specs/parameters affect the filter bag cages production cost and prices.

When you purchase filter bag cages, shall be clear about it.