What are dust collector filter bag cages?

What are dust collector filter bag cages?

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Filter bag cage is one of necessary replacements of dust collector baghouse. It vertical wire number includes 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 18, 20, 24 wires. Dust collector cages are widely used in cement, steel mills, building material, thermal power plants, waste incineration, chemical industry and other industries.

Dust collector filter bags cages materials: galvanized carbon steel, carbon steel with epoxy coating, stainless steel, such as ss304, ss316.

Dust collector filter bags cages shapes: round, flat, oval, envelope, star shape, trapezoid, spring type and other custom made as per different dust collector baghouse.

Dust collector filter bags cages structure: multi-joints, with venture, without venture, guide plate joints, claw joints, clamp joints, chuck joints and other reasonable structure.

Shanghai Indro Industry Co., Ltd is one professional filter cages manufacturer and supplier, we supply all types of dust collector cages to fit different types of filter bags in dust collector baghouse, such as Donaldson baghouse, and other brand baghouse.