What kinds of gases are corrosive to dust collector filter bag cages?

What kinds of gases are corrosive to dust collector filter bag cages?

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In the flue gas purification system, there are mainly two kinds of mediums which has a corrosive effect on dust collector filter bag cages: gas and dust, such as sulfuric acid gas comes out of coal, heavy oil fuel where sulfur molecule exist, or a variety of salt dust produced by water and sulfur molecule in the coal, heavy oil fuel.

Because the corrosion in the flue gas purification occurs under the condition that the flue gas temperature appears below the acid dew point, it is necessary to ensure that the system flue gas runs above the dew point temperature. Regarding the filter materials selection, the corresponding filter material should be used according to the characteristics of the corrosive substance produced by the flue gas, for serious corrosion and purification system of high requirements, such as pharmaceutical, food, carbon black production industry, as one of important components/replaces of dust collector bag house, the filter bag cages should be made of stainless steel or be treated of anticorrosive coating.

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